Structure -Toefl practice test

I. Structure


Directions: Questions 1-15 require you to choose the answer – (A), (B), (C), or (D) – which best fills the blank space to complete the sentence.


  1. Mr. Johnson has lived here _____ ten years.
    1. for
    2. during
    3. since
    4. while.
  2. The fact ________ money orders can usually be easily cashed has made them a popular form of payment.
    1. of
    2. that
    3. is that
    4. which is
  3. Chicagois a large city, _____?
    1. aren’t it
    2. doesn’t it
    3. won’t it
    4. isn’t it
  4. Do you enjoy _____?
    1. to swim
    2. swimming
    3. swim
    4. to swimming
  5. When will the meeting _____?
    1. hold on
    2. hold place
    3. take on
    4. take place
  6. The board meeting was held _____.
    1. at Tuesday
    2. on Tuesday
    3. with Tuesday
    4. in Tuesday
  7. That awful accident occurred _____.
    1. before three weeks
    2. three weeks before
    3. three weeks ago
    4. three weeks past
  8. They didn’t _____ John’s plan?
    1. agree with
    2. agree to
    3. agree
    4. agree about
  9. It’s snowing. Would you like to _____ on Saturday or Sunday?
    1. skiing
    2. go to ski
    3. go skiing
    4. go ski
  10. “Bill is not doing well in class.”
    “You must _____, that he is just a beginner at this level.”
    1. keep minding
    2. keep to mind
    3. keep in mind
    4. keeping in mind


11. Both diamond  ……….. graphite   are made of the same element, which is     carbon

a. and

b. except

c. together

d. both



12.A bankruptcy may be  …………… voluntary or involuntary

  1. both
  2. either
  3. so
  4. neither


13.The US Congress consists of both the Senate ………… the House of Representative

  1. or
  2. but
  3. nor
  4. and


14.The growth of hair ….. cyclical process, with phases of activity and inactivity

  1. its  is
  2. is a
  3. which is
  4. a regular



15.Fire extinguishers can contain liquefied gas, dry chemicals or  ………

  1. water
  2. watery
  3. watering
  4. to water




Directions : Question 16 – 40 require you to choose which of four underlined words or phrases – (A), (B), (C), or (D) – is grammatically or stylistically incorrect.



16.Compact discs are affected neither by scratching and by dust

A       B                   C                     D

17.Either Mark and Sue has the book

A          B    C    D

18.Octopuses have not only large brains and also a well-developed nervous system

A                                                       B          C           D

19.The soya bean is versatile, or it is grown widely

A                    B                C           D

20She hikes, jogs, riding her bicycle whenever she can

A                        B                              C                D


21.Whether it is in the print of a newspaper nor the food we eat, our lives are touched

A                                             B                         C                  D

by soya.


22.The student reads each chapter, takes a lot of notes and memories the material.

A                                    B                   C                   D


23.The sick child needs some medicine, some juice , and to rest

A                       B                                           C             D


24.It is made of both very hot or dense material.

A           B                       C               D


25.According to the syllabus, you can either write a paper but take an exam.

A                                      B               C                  D


26. Marble, which is a hardy stone, is composed of natural calcium carbonate also us                                 A                        B                            C

in the manufacture of lime and cement.



27. The moon travels in an orbit close at earth.

A            B             C        D

28. Financial problems are faced by many artists, a situation which often causes it to

A                             B                                                      C                      D

seek other jobs.


29. Sodium carbonate and sodium perbolate are chemically similar, but the different

A                         B                             C

in the type of acid involved in their composition.



30. For primitive people, religion often attempts explanation of the existence of evil in

A                                                                             B                        C                   D

the world.


31.Dew usually disappeared by seven o’clock in the morning when the sun comes up.

A                  B        C                               D


32. She was among the few who want to quit smoking instead of cutting down.

A       B       C                D


33.If one does not have respect for himself, you cannot expect others to respect him…                                                     A          B                       C                                 D



34.Both a term paper and final exam is required for chemistry 320.

A                 B      C      D


35.Few airport in the United Statesis a as modern as that ofAtlanta.

A                     B   C   D


36.Buenos Airesis one of the world capitals that are noted for its busy harbor.

A                         B                  C                  D


37.To Prevent cavities, dental floss should be used daily after brushing one’s teeth.

A                        B               C         D


38.Air travel is fast, safe and it is convenient.

A      B   C                  D


39.Mr. Williams he told us that he was planning to get married next June

A        B               C                        D


40. After receiving a new letter, our new boss wants to send many datas to his friends.

A                                 B                                                     C                 D

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