Theory : business writing

Business writing tasks on the topic of “brands”

Market Leader Intermediate New Edition Unit 1

Choose one or more of the tasks below and email it to your teacher or give the piece of writing to him or her in the next class. You could choose the topic which is most connected to your work or area of business, or you could choose a genre that you often write or most need to improve.

Write a report suggesting ways in which a real brand can stretch their brand, improve their image and/ or increase brand awareness

Write a report on brands and their market shares and/ or images in your country, using real or imaginary brands and figures.

Write a report on why an internationally successful brand is not so successful in another country (e.g. your own), using real or imaginary brands and reasons.

Write a report suggesting ways in which a domestic brand could become as successful overseas.

Write a report recommending product endorsement as the best way to improve the image of a particular (real or imaginary) brand.

Write the agenda or action minutes for a meeting about how to improve the sales of a brand, how to improve or update its image and/ or which products associated with a brand should be cut from the product range.

Write the agenda or action minutes for a meeting in which half the people think the company should stretch the brand further and half the people think they should concentrate on their key products and avoid diluting the brand.

Write a memo to the staff in your company telling them why they must order non-brand supplies from now on (e.g. avoiding IBM computers and branded stationery like Post Its, Blu Tack and Sellotape)

Write a notice or sign for immigration and customs in an airport describing the laws on bringing fake brand goods into the country

Write a letter to a newspaper complaining about recent guerrilla marketing campaigns of a particular brand (real or imaginary)

Write a magazine article explaining the successful of a particular (real or imaginary) brand.

Write an email or letter of complaint complaining that the quality of a brand good you bought was not what you expected or that a brand good you paid a lot of money for was available for much less in a street market.

Write a letter of apology to a customer who has complained about one of the things above.

Write an email to supplier explaining why you are switching from their brand to a cheaper alternative.


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