Uses of the Subjunctive [Logo]

After each sentence, select the verb or verb string that best completes that sentence. Caution: the subjunctive form will not be the best choice in all sentences.

1.  It is very important that all employees _______________ in their proper uniforms before 6:30 a.m.
A. are dressed
B. will be dressed
C. be dressed

2.  I wish my brother _________ here.
A. were
B. was

3.  The coach insisted that Fabio _______ the center position, even though he’s much too short for that position..
A. plays
B. play

4.  Evelyn Pumita moved that the meeting _______________.
A. was adjourned
B. be adjourned

5.  My mother would know what to do. Oh, would that she _______ here with us now!
A. were
B. was

6.  If only Jughead ______ a little more responsible in his choice of courses!
A. was
B. were

7.  If Mrs. Lincoln ________ ill that night, the Lincolns would not have gone to Ford Theatre..
A. were
B. had been

8.  Her employees treated Mrs. Greenblatt as though she _______ a queen.
A. was
B. were

9.  If his parents ____________ more careful in his upbringing, Holden Caulfield would have been quite different.
A. had been
B. were

10.  I wish I _________ better today.
A. feel
B. felt

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