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Subject-Verb Agreement – Exercise 1

Choose the correct verb in each sentence below.  Then click the “Check My Work” button to view  the correct answers.

1.  Emily and Greg (comes,  come) to my house every Friday for lunch.

2.  There (is,  are) time to watch the movie.

3.  My friends who are in the band (wants,  want) me to play a musical instrument.

4.  My father or my brothers (is,  are) coming with me to the ball game.

5.  Everyone (needs, need) time to relax.

6.  That bag of oranges (looks, look) fresh.

7.  The lacrosse team (hopes, hope) to win the tournament next week.

8.  Your trousers (needs, need) to be cleaned.

9.  Some of the books on the shelf (is, are) dusty.

10.  Even though the students like the class, a few (thinks, think) that it is too complicated.

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