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Another is formed from a combination of the words “an” and “other”, and has a meaning similar to “one other”.

* When used as an adjective, another can precede only a singular countable noun.
* When used as a pronoun, another takes a singular verb.

e.g. Please bring me another knife.
Another of her uncles lives in Montreal.

In the first example, another modifies the singular noun knife.
In the second example, the pronoun another is the subject of the singular verb lives.

* Another usually cannot be immediately preceded by a determiner.
– The another student is nine years old. (WRONG)


Other can be used with singular countable, plural countable or uncountable nouns.

e.g. The other door is open.
The other streets are paved.
Do you have any other luggage?

In these examples, other modifies the singular countable noun door, the plural countable noun streets, and the uncountable noun luggage.

*When used before a singular countable noun, other usually must be preceded by a determiner.
e.g. Please pass me the other cup.
I do not know any other way to do it.
There must be some other explanation.

In these examples, other is used with the singular countable nouns cup, way and explanation, and is preceded by the determiners the, any and some.

*When other modifies a singular countable noun, the noun is sometimes omitted, particularly in the expression one … the other.

e.g. I have two pens. One is green and the other is blue.
One of my parents is a teacher; the other is a doctor.


Others is a pronoun. Others can be used to take the place of the word other, followed by a plural countable noun.

e.g. Those trees are hemlocks; the others are pines.
Ten people belong to the group, and five others are planning to join.

In the first example, others takes the place of the words other trees. In the second example, others takes the place of the words other people.

*Others is often used in the expression some … others.

e.g. Some books are easy to read, but others are quite difficult.
Some people like classical music, while others prefer jazz.

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