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English Vocabulary Exercises – All Adjectives! (+ derivations) – Exercise 1-1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The waitress here knows exactly how I like my steak because I’m a _______________ customer.
2. She’s a _______________ little girl who learns very quickly.
3. Water becomes a _______________ at 0 degrees centigrade.
4. His hockey career came to an _______________ end because of knee problems.
5. Johnny has made _______________ progress in reading this past year, and is now one of the top students in the class.
6. There was an _______________ smell of cat waste in the old woman’s house.
7. He was sick, and felt too _______________ to even get out of bed.
8. The skin of a snake is not rough or slimy; in fact, it is quite dry and _______________.
9. These pants are too _______________; I think I need something a little larger.
10. The pattern on the wallpaper in the kids’ room is of a tropical jungle with _______________ birds, plants and animals.
11. The child’s mittens were frozen _______________ by the time the snowball fight ended.
12. Make sure you wear the _______________ clothing when you go for your job interview.
13. He was an _______________ failure as a used car salesman because he was not aggressive enough.
14. Last year, the most _______________ first names for boys in this country were Matthew and Joshua.

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